UAH Loves: The Molger Mirror

Ikea saves the day again. This one was super easy to build, too, so stick with me.

I found this guy after looking for something that could serve as a mirror with a little bit of storage in the bathroom. Not a medicine cabinet, but not just a mirror either. West Elm made this cabinet situation, but the price point was way too high to justify. It's also kind of small.

A little bit of internet-ing sent me to Ikea's Molger Mirror.

We keep a cup and Dan's electric toothbrush on there. I suppose it could hold more, but then it would just get cluttered.

Here is an action shot of me waving to you and to myself via the Molger mirror:

It's a big piece for a small bathroom, but I think the reflection creates more light and depth that something small would. It acts as almost another window to cut through the dark paint in the room, which I love, but can be a lot on just two small walls.

A+ grade to the Molger mirror, which I hope lives on in infamy and is never tragically discounted like so many of its Ikea brothers and sisters.