No outlets. No counters. No fun.

There was a time in our lives when we didn't eat meat. Apologies have since been issued. Cable TV was also absent during this time, so Dan's dad - the infamous Tommy T - gave us the tagline No Meat, No Cable, No Fun. We did have fun, but just not while consuming hot dog casserole (pictured right) and watching Guy Fieri hunt down food greasier than his own hair.

We've changed our ways. Meat is back on the menu (hot dog casserole is not) and we even have HBO now! Moving. On. Up.

The new tagline is No Outlets, No Counters, No Fun because our brand new kitchen came with less than what must be the legal requirement for outlets and 2 square feet of counter space. Try making a decent hot dog casserole with that setup!

Thanks to Ikea, which is a lifesaver minus that fact that it can destroy relationships, we are well on our way to gaining a positive tagline. A trip there this weekend, which resulted in no tears and plenty of storage solutions, led us to find this charming item:

Did you know that a regular drill won't drill right into brick? You actually need a hammer drill that will (surprise!) hammer and drill at the same time. The sound it creates is horrible, but it makes for a very sturdy setup. Here is Dan putting a hammer drill to good use before popping in the drop-leaf table:


The kitchen is going to need a total makeover eventually, but the drop leaf table and a utility cart will keep us from losing our sanity until then. Happy hammer drilling!

Suggestions on how to rebrand ourselves following this victory are appreciated.

Hot Dog Casserole Photo Credit: Tommy T

Hot Dog Casserole
Photo Credit: Tommy T