Rugs in the Kitchen

When we stayed in Stockholm this summer, our Airbnb host had the coolest of everything, including a worn down in the most perfect way Persian rug in her kitchen. My mom was all about it and so was I. 

My cursory research showed such rugs were quite expensive, even at auction. I put a pin in it and kept my eyes open for ways to acheive looks like these:

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I'm lucky to have a mom who remembers little nuggets of information when it comes to things I like. Last week, she was at an estate sale in DC and came across a dusty old rug for only $30! She swooped it up for me because she's a pretty great mom. Check it out:


It certainly meets the "lived in" criteria, but the colors are on point and the size is just right.


I don't know much about rugs, but this one looks ok to me.

Now that we have the rug in place, we just have to build that dang kitchen. Baby steps.

Scavenged: Most of My Living Room

I can't believe the luck I've had on Craig's List lately, although my luck is preempted by plenty of internet scouring, studying, and saving. Right now, we are squirreling away as much money as possible for a big kitchen demo and renovation, so any room I want to freshen up needs to be freshened on a budget, which has made Craig's List a real asset lately for buying, as well as selling so that I have more capital to turn around and spend.

Ikea Stockholm Rug

Eames Style Rocking Chair

Danish Lounge Chair and Cushions

Picture Frames

The keys to Craig's List success are:

  1. Know what you're looking for.
  2. Don't get distracted by junk you don't need, even if it's great.
  3. Check the site often.
  4. Always negotiate. I typically offer half of the asking price and you'd be surprised how little people haggle with me after my initial offer. I go in ready to negotiate, but hardly ever have to pull up my sleeves.

The recent refresh to the living room was done for just a few hundred dollars thanks to the One Woman's Trash approach. Because I spend a lot of time at CMU, I love to look at data, so here's a breakdown of what I saved:

List Price My Price
Ikea Stokholm Rug $199 $50
Eames Style Rocking Chair $100 $30
Danish Lounge Chair and Cushions $600+ $200
Total $899+ $280

Check out those savings!

I also scavenge picture frames from yard sales and my parent's throw away pile whenever I can, so there's a stock pile in my house for when I'm ready to hang something on the walls. Not sure of the value of these particular frames, but it's safe to say it's more than $0. Scavenge savings achieved once again.

It's peaks and valleys with the scavenge game, but like all good things, patience and a good eye help things along. Happy scavenging, gang!

Scavenged: Danish Lounge Chair

If you hang out on Craig's List long enough, you'll get lucky. You'll also see a lot of overpriced plastic furniture, but hey, that's what makes the hunt so much fun.

I struck gold last week when I came across this Danish chair. I put my negotiation skills to use and got this guy for a pretty good deal. Best Craig's List advice I can give you: always negotiate the asking price.  

It's in very decent shape and at some point, I might touch up the blunders on the leg and a few dents in the arm.


I ordered a set of navy cushions from, which I've heard good things about. For the price point, I'm willing to give it a go. Until then, this guy is hanging out in the corner, waiting to be sat on.