Best Day Ever

Well, well, well. If it isn't the old Internet. It's been a while! In fact, it's been since February. Unacceptable, really, but what can you do when you're trying to finish grad school, get married, see some friends get married, and take paid time off for most of May?

That's right. I barely worked in May and I would recommend the rest of you try it sometime. Really refreshing stuff. I like to think it was a well-earned vacation after a rather full year. One woman's opinion.

Our wedding was simply the best. Really. Everyone behaved and we smiled a lot. I even have proof:

 Photo by  Nicole Jarock

Photo by Nicole Jarock

People stress a lot about planning a wedding. It's not that there's not stuff to be stressed about because let me tell you there are a few things. Just a few.

My advice to you as a freshly-minted bride: hire good vendors and let them do their jobs. Click here if you want to see a list of ours. A+ work from each and every one of them. They made us look great, they fed us well, and they took good care of us from start to finish. Relatively stress free event.

Great friends and family helped, too.

Two weeks in the weird and wild Taos, NM left us refreshed and ready to tackle new projects, so look out world - we might do something.


The Defender

As an acknowledgement of our home renovation efforts these past six months, my dad passed on to us a family heirloom.

This toolbox was my dad's grandfather's. Yes, it's as heavy as it looks, but sturdier than ever after all of these years. 


There are a few tools left in there - a level, wire cutters, a screwdriver, and a pencil.  

And then there's the Defender, perhaps the first electric hand drill of all time. Also the heaviest drill of all time. 


I found a few old Skil ads, but none touting the Defender. If you come across one, I'd love to see it!

Thanks to DC for passing down this awesome gift to us. We can only hope that some of the wisdom of our handy ancestors eminates out of it.


God Bless Amy Schumer

This post has a little something to do with home renovations - a very little.

 My mom is always on the lookout for home improvement ideas to share with me. She's even on Pinterest now (go mom!). She has also been taking photos of images on her computer screen and then emailing them to me:

Here's the moment where we find out if my mom actually reads my blog or not. Text message from mom coming through in 3...2....1.....

My sister shared this link with me last week and wow. Nail. Head. Amy. Schumer. As if that's any surprise - she's killing it lately.

Happy Monday, gang! Hope it's a great one.

Adventures with Susan

I wanted to get breakfast with my mom over the weekend. She wanted to go to a place that sounded pretty risque. And for people not from Pittsburgh, The Strip District location probably makes you raise all of your eyebrows.

Thank goodness she clarified.

After a delicious breakfast at Marty's Market, we walked over to Hot Haute Hot - a pretty awesomely curated store that has furniture, jewelry, artwork, and lots more. Lucky for us, they were hosting an event, so we sipped on mimosas and ate tasty treats while perusing their wares.

Susan was on a mission to find some artwork for her living room, so we enlisted the help of the HHH staff to pick the three best tin tiles to hang above a couch.

I snagged a pretty wild mirror to hang above the dining room fireplace, scoped out a giant dining room table, and admired lots of other pieces that would be good additions to a home.

Their sale event runs through May 24. If re-purposed furniture is your thing, or even if it's not, check out this little gem.