Are you a student?

Last month, I put education behind me for a very long time.

Maybe that came out wrong. Let's try again: I completed graduate school last month and boy, was that a rewarding experience.

Graduate school ate up a lot of hours and was a lot of work, but the great thing about being a student is that there are a bunch of companies willing to help you out for your hard work and financial sacrifice!

I will miss saying "I'd like to use my student discount" at the following establishments, but if you're a student, feel free to borrow the phrase at:

  • Amazon Prime (6 month free trial with a 50% Amazin Prime membership discount after that)
  • J. Crew and Madewell (15% off of full price purchases)
  • SquareSpace (hey, that's how I got this site! 50% off of your first year)
  • Spotify ($4.99/month for Spotify Premium - that's half off, folks)
  • New York Times ($1/week for digital subscription)
  • ASOS (10% off of full price items)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (60% off of the Creative Cloud)

Lots of local museums, public transportation, and theaters offer student deals, so it's always worth the ask. And if you're a student, hang in there - these discounts will leave you well-dressed and well-informed until you're ready to join us back in the real world.

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