Dining Room 2.1

Over the winter, I split the dining room horizontally and painted it two separate colors. Six months later, I'm still mostly happy with the product, so it's considered a success. I hung a wine rack and can't tell if that is crooked or if the horizontal line is crooked. You'd think a level would set me straight (zing!), but alas.

I've been pouring over the site HomeMade Modern for a while now and every project I see makes me say, "I could do that!", which I think is the point of the site, so job well done, HMM folks.

Here's the plan to finish off the dining room once and for all:

  1. American Buffalo Print
  2. Pipe Shelves (DIY project by HomeMade Modern)
  3. Eames Style Chairs (knock offs, but hey) to accompany a table of some kind
  4. Two-Toned Wall
  5. Wooden Planter Stand with Pot (from Target, but currently sold out)

Look out, weekend. Look out, walls.