Half and Half

image via instantwhip.com

Not like that, though. I take my coffee black.

Drop ceiling removed, our dining room ceiling has now been dry walled and has a fancy new light fixture hanging from it.

The walls are currently painted entirely in Knoxville Gray, which looks quite blue. I like it, but there's a lot of it. In an attempt to lighten up the room, I've been researching some light gray colors and in the process, came across a few half and half painted rooms that caught my eye.

The soft look of the light gray on white is soothing, but the stark contrast of a black or deep gray against a white color is really appealing, too. Plus, I already have half of the walls painted a dark color.

The biggest question is whether or not to go all the way around the room like this, or just do one wall? This sounds like a New Year's Day project if I've ever heard of one.