Garden Plans (continued)

I wish I could take credit for all of this transformation, but the reality is that we lucked out when our neighbors decided to build a privacy fence at the same time we were doing a major backyard update.

Notice the junk and sad excuse for a fence to the left. Now turn your attention to the photo on the right. Your experience is very similar to ours - one second there was no fence and the next minute there was. Miracles do happen.

We can take some credit though. Dan and my dad worked to remove those gray bricks, level the ground, and replace them with nice big pavers. Dan whipped up that raised garden bed in no time and we planted tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and basil.

The bench didn't make it into this picture, but you can bet your bottom dollar it's out there just waiting for someone to sit on it.

We spend a great deal of time out here enjoying our little garden and yard. It's all I could hope for out of a yard. I'm grateful for the quiet morning reads and coffee, as well as the evening chats and cocktails we enjoy back there. Cheers!