In Search of: The Perfect Bar Cabinet

There’s a little nook in the dining room that is begging for a bar cabinet. It’s right outside of the kitchen and a natural spot to house liquor, wine glasses, and to serve drinks from during a party.

Of course, West Elm makes the perfect solution, complete with storage for glasses and bottles.

I’d love to avoid buying something new because I know there are so many second-hand pieces out there looking for a home. The trick is to find the right one. I came across these, which are sadly already sold, at

While they lack the nice glass rack options of the brand new West Elm piece, their charm more than makes up for it in my mind.

I’m spending a lot of time scouring Craig’s List, Facebook Marketplace, and Offer Up right now. I’m also going to hit some local second-hand store in Pittsburgh this weekend, but if you have any leads or place you think I should be on the prowl for a piece like this, please let me know!