Soot is the New Black

Welcome to the world of Benjamin Moore's Soot - a color I am guaranteed to paint everything light touches.

We got to work last week on reworking our spare room to turn it into a home office, but not before someone sold me paint without the pigment. A trip back to the paint store to soot up and then we could say goodbye to white walls.

Based on a bunch of pictures, Soot was the winning combo with the white floors we have planned.

Dan got the job started properly by cracking a cold high life and climbing up the ladder. If there's one lesson we've learned, it's that no home repair job is complete without pizza and cold beer.

While he was going to town in the back room, I tackled the bathroom with the very same color. Painting bathrooms is no joke, although I did design a new tool that should probably be patented - more on that later.

A sneak peak of the results are in and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. That mirror above turned out to be the easiest Ikea assembly project in history.

More to come on the de-saturation of our home.