Mortgage Diet

The mortgage diet has little to do with the nutritional value of what we consume and more to do with the cost of what we consume. With an ever-growing list of house projects that (surprise!) are estimated to cost multiple dollar signs, we're really trying to cut back on Whole Foods visits and long nights at the bar. Why drink a craft beer in public when you can slurp down an ice cold Miller High Life on your couch?

Maybe we won't cut out the craft beer just yet. But I have opted out of my $5/bag of granola for oatmeal in the morning.


I recently came across this site called Boxed, which sells products in bulk. Surprisingly, many of their prices are better than Amazon's. 52 packets of oatmeal for $9.99. What a steal! They also carry Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products, paper towels, and KIND Bars.

Feel free to join us on the mortgage diet and order something you really love from Your first order ships free and you can use my promo code OYKGI at checkout to save $20!

And good luck trying to restrain yourself from buying 80 ounces of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce.


Things I do not recommend trying to replace for a cheaper alternative: face moisturizer, dish soap, and lunch meat. Many lessons learned there, folks, including an overly-oily face and sad desk lunches.