Books for You!

I'm trying to lighten our load as much as I can before we move 2 whole blocks next month. Thanks to being an English major, I've acquired more books than I need over the years. I can't part with some, but I've come to terms with losing a few.

I've listed out everything I am getting rid of below for you (yes you!) to claim. Just leave a comment with your name, books you want, and your contact info so that we can arrange to get them to you. If you live in Pittsburgh, we'll work out a pick up time and location. If you don't, I might ask that you cover shipping via PayPal, but we can discuss the details for that offline. Certain BBB/SALA discounts may apply.

Finally, please comment by Friday, November 7. After that, these babies are on their way to greener pastures.

UPDATE: All of these books have found a home!

Christa Cardonebooks, moving