Under a Recipe

We used to cook all of the time. I swear it. With a big apartment kitchen and free evenings, Dan and I rarely ate out during the week. We even participated in a CSA one summer, which stresses me out to even think about because my god, when would we find time now to roast a dozen beets or to learn what romanesco even is and how to use it? It's mostly been bulk orders of oatmeal and Chipotle tiding us over these past few weeks.

It's starting to drive me crazy. God bless Chipotle, but a girl can only eat so many burrito bowls before she fears the employees will start to remember her standing order (chicken burrito bowl, white rice, black beans, hot salsa, mild salsa, corn salsa, lettuce, and a cup for water please).

We all know that crock pots are life savers. Any make-ahead dish is really. This blog isn't called Under a Recipe, but hey, I do happen to cook and eat in my house, so check it out:

Dish #1 that isn't Chipotle and is easy to make and lasts for a few days:

Easy Breakfast Casserole

I found this lifesaver of a recipe over at PaleOMG and thought to myself, "hey, that looks tastier than a packet of oatmeal!" I made it on Sunday night and it yields 6 servings, so if Dan didn't eat breakfast, that means it would last me all week! It's delicious. Full recipe available at PaleOMG.com.

Dish #2 that isn't Chipotle and is easy to make and lasts for a few days:

Kale and White Bean Korma

I'm a big fan of anything with curry in it this time of year. This recipe really gains flavor and greatness as a leftover. It also makes 6 servings and also would feed me for a week if Dan didn't eat lunch and dinner. They do say relationships are all about compromise!

Other recipes that are good to make ahead and eat all week: Easy Cream Crock-Pot Coconut Curry Chicken, Warm Butternut Squash and Chickpea Salad, and any version of slow cooker oatmeal.

If you have any recipes that are good make ahead dishes, I'd love to hear them! I can only type slow cooker search query combos into Pinterest for so long.