Powered by High Life

House updates have been a little lagging lately. With birthdays and exams and wedding plans and doing a little training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, we've fallen behind on our task list.

Fortunately, we signed a 30 year mortgage, so there's lots of time to catch up.

The tagline for this blog is Powered by High Life and I think it's time we drink a few to re-up our powers.

If you aren't familiar with Dan's love of the champagne of beers, let me take you on a tour:

This beverage has been there for us through thick and thin, helping us decide on paint colors and rewarding us each time a coat hook is secured to the wall.

Dan's birthday was last week and instead of giving him the greatest gift of all - a case of High Life - I found this incredible gadget with hopes that it would improve his High Life lifestyle:

Not only does this Magnetic Bottle Opener help you crack open your beer, it holds up to 60 bottle caps with its magnetic strength, which we put to the test at Dan's birthday party:

A roaring success.

I found this bad boy on Food52.com, where you can get $20 off your first order with Food52 with my referral link.