With zero house work under my belt these past few days, but progress made in some other areas (wedding, work, school), I feel like the week really got away from me. Weeks tend to do that.

Image vis   www  .  ghostranch  .  org

We booked our honeymoon trip to Taos, New Mexcio! May, come soon.

This shirt is on my To Pack list.

I'm starting to brainstorm a bedroom makeover and found some stellar sconces at Urban Outfitters of all places.

I'm almost through the first book of the Neapolitan series and I'm sold on the book, but still not on the cover.

Make sure you sign up for Bagel Friday, Pittsburgh's hottest new bagel enterprise.

Watched Emily Weiss' morning routine and I am having major pajama, makeup, and lifestyle envy, minus the cat.

A few people have asked me what kind of humidifier I use, so here it is. Combined with Josie Maran's Argan Oil, my skin stays pretty hydrated in the winter.

Here's wishing you a hydrated and happy weekend.