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For the Walls

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We collect prints and frames around here, but rarely get around to placing the former into the latter.

Top three places to find picture frames:

  1. Yard sales
  2. Ikea
  3. Your parents' Goodwill pile

Top place to find screen prints and posters without frames to call home: our spare bedroom.

With a blank dining room wall staring me in the face every morning, it's time to get to work. I resolve to hang frames even if they were empty. I'll find something to fill them later. Pro tip: Rifle Paper Co. gift wrap looks pretty darn good in a frame.

Here is a video of me making hanging frames look like a speedy and painless process:

Hanging pictures only takes seconds and not a whole afternoon like we all thought!

A video posted by @underahouse on

So that's my story for the week. I hung some empty frames. Next year, I'll put something in them!

ANOTHER pro tip, since I don't have much to show for myself otherwise, is to use Command Strips, which are keeping a great number of items stuck to my walls.

Happy hanging, friends.