One Man's Trash

It's now a tradition to attend the annual yard sale in my parent's neighborhood. The North Hills Estates - where, to be clear, there are no large estates - has a pretty decent event every year where I always find at least one treasure. 

Pro tip: Yard sales are a great place to find picture frames. You can swap out the old inserts with your own. For $2 or $3, it's well worth the hunt.

This year was the year of the Life magazine archives. This gem cracks me up because, well, wow. It was published on my birthday in 1971. Kismet.

I snagged these guys for Dan because he loves running and the Olympics and Frank Shorter.

Life Magazine really had a knack for bringing a story to life.

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Chilling with Olympic Gold Medalist Frank Shorter

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These will all make their way into frames at some point.

I also purchased a staple gun for the low low price of $0. God bless you, yard sales.