Battle of Brown Paint

Once upon a time, someone bought all of the brown paint in Pittsburgh and they brought that paint to our now home and they covered everything in this brown paint. Trim, doors, and more. Maybe they thought that they could fool people into thinking that brown paint = wood.

Now, 100 years and 100 coats of brown paint later, we are left with the messy task of eradicating this mud (or worse)-colored hue from our lives.

Instead of painting over the previously-mentioned 100 layers of brown paint living on the front door, we opted to strip it down before adding more fuel to the fire.

A few coats of this sprayable stripper lifted a decent amount of the paint from the door. Some spots were just stubborn, especially in the detailed trim around the windows.

When we could spray no more, we plugged in the power sander finish off the job. This project took hours and hours and hours more than I imagined it would, but it was all worth it to see the original wood freed from brown layers of paint.


If you can believe it, the brass fixtures on the door were also painted over, so the next step was to restore those back to their former shiny glory. More to come!