Quick Gift Idea

The Internet has lots and lots of gift guides out there, most of which make me want to go shopping for myself. I'm not going to gift guide you here, but I do have a recommendation for a last-minute gift for a co-worker or a friend or anyone who likes soap and champagne.

This gift really only works if there's an Anthropology nearby. It works even better if you don't have to battle a belligerent bride hoarding all of the mini champagne bottles at your local liquor store like some of us had to.

The mini prosecco or champagne bottles come in packs of 2 to 4, so spread the love or throw one in your purse. The Mirabeau Bar Soap comes in champagne and a few other delicious scents, like poppy and lemon verbenna. I'm pairing the champagne here for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Plop the two in a bag together a voila - you've made someone's day bubblier in seconds.

Happy holidays!