Back in Action

Shockingly enough, we made it through winter and into the warm sun. Cold winter months with snow and ice and wind are not motivating elements, even for indoor work. My routine January - March is to come home from work, take a scalding hot shower, bundle up in pajamas and slippers, then watch Netflix in bed until I fall asleep. Never mind the million projects that need to happen - I've got my body temperature to think about.

Now it's warm and we're back, more motivated than ever. Dan was even so motivated that he finished a project only 2 days after having his wisdom teeth yanked out of his mouth.

There are all sorts of loose ends to tie up from projects started in December. For one, I painted half of our dining room then. Yesterday, I actually painted the two lonely white walls! This time around, I found that painting the edges first worked best. And forget that blue tape - a small paint brush and a steady hand served me way better than tape ever has.

If you remember our exposed brick wall project, which was awesome, you might remember that we never really got the baseboards back up where they belong. Fueled by pain killers and penicillin, Dan got those suckers back to their natural habitat.

All of the peeled brown paint in the world goes to the first person to guess what our next project is!

After getting back to work and checking some things off of our list, I think we all feel like Dan did moments after waking up from anesthesia.