Adventures with Susan

I wanted to get breakfast with my mom over the weekend. She wanted to go to a place that sounded pretty risque. And for people not from Pittsburgh, The Strip District location probably makes you raise all of your eyebrows.

Thank goodness she clarified.

After a delicious breakfast at Marty's Market, we walked over to Hot Haute Hot - a pretty awesomely curated store that has furniture, jewelry, artwork, and lots more. Lucky for us, they were hosting an event, so we sipped on mimosas and ate tasty treats while perusing their wares.

Susan was on a mission to find some artwork for her living room, so we enlisted the help of the HHH staff to pick the three best tin tiles to hang above a couch.

I snagged a pretty wild mirror to hang above the dining room fireplace, scoped out a giant dining room table, and admired lots of other pieces that would be good additions to a home.

Their sale event runs through May 24. If re-purposed furniture is your thing, or even if it's not, check out this little gem.