Selling Points

This house is over 100 years old. With its age comes both charms and flaws. I have already started to decorate and renovate it in my mind, but fail to worry too much about things like plumbing and wires and termites. That's what home inspections are for. Fortunately, ours went pretty well. If you don't believe me, you can watch the DVD of our sewer inspection.

Back to the cosmetic stuff, there are a ton of things about this house that made me fall in love with it right away. A great staircase, big archways, and old fireplaces. It needs a little TLC, but these things are definite selling points in a neighborhood with narrow houses that haven't always been cared for over the years.

We want to get rid of that carpet and see what condition the hard wood floors are in so we can finish those. I have all kinds of ideas about combining the dining room and kitchen space. All of the walls will look better with a fresh coat of non-white paint.

Some of the walls have been plastered and we know there is brick under there, but the condition of the brick is a gamble. An exposed brick wall would be amazing, but if we get under the plaster and realize it's in awful shape, we'll have to cover it up again. Any tips on tearing down plaster would be much appreciated.

Plenty of natural light runs through the house and we (finally!) have a little backyard to call our own. No word on a pizza oven yet, but I'll keep you posted on that front.

The number one selling point is that our favorite bar is now a 30 second walk from home.