Feature Attraction: World's Heaviest Sink

Hello and welcome to this week's Feature Attraction: The World's Heaviest Sink, which lives in our basement. As you can see, that thing is heavy. A plumber estimated it as weighing between 800 - 1200 lbs.

A couple of questions:

  • How did it get there?
  • Was the house built around the sink?
  • Why?
  • Help.

The sink is undoubtedly durable, but its weight is crushing our pipes, causing all sorts of fun plumbing issues.


In order to replace the pipe that has been crushed under the weight of this beast, the beast must die. Our plumber says that the only way he can get it out it to take a sledge hammer to it and remove it in pieces.

So long, World's Heaviest Sink, and good riddance.