UAH Loves: Line Phono Turntable Station

Image via Line Phono

You've probably seen this guy hanging out in some of our living room pictures, but really, it deserves its own post.

A great many things have served as a turntable stand for us - chairs, boxes, coffee tables, and the ever-faithful floor. I poured over the internet for an affordable, space-conscious solution that could handle one turntable, some speakers, and at least most of our vinyl collection. I came up pretty empty. There were, of course, some amazing MCM consoles that were way out of my price range and also, pretty large for our house. Then there were the Ikea hacks everyone claims are so easy, but I wasn't convinced.

Then, one day, my time on the internet paid off once again as I came across the Line Phono Turntable Station Kickstarter page. They aren't a Kickstarter anymore - you can place your order on their website and not wait a few months for its release like we did!

Each shelf on the stand holds 100 records and there are a bunch of different ways you could organize this thing. For now, we have records on the bottom, speakers in the middle, and the turntable on top. Eventually, we'll invest in some different speakers that likely won't live on the stand, opening up more room for vinyl storage.

It also comes in a Natural color, which looks pretty awesome, too. A final tip - make sure you are at home when this guy is delivered! We had quite the adventure connecting with FedEx to receive it.