The Landing of a Lifetime

When I saw it, I knew the landing and staircase in our house should be a statement area. It's the first thing you see when you walk into the house and the big old blank wall draws your eye all the way to the top of the house.

I've thrown around some ideas about what to do with the wall and we've also made great progress on stripping the banister down to its original state, but before I can move forward with polishing anything off, I need to address the staircase.

A thick layer of beige carpet is covering - you guessed it - painted hardwood. A very thick layer of paint at that. Sanding isn't for the faint of heart and doing every single crevice of this might break me, so I'm thinking of going halfsies with myself on this one.

Image via  Houzz

Image via Houzz

Image via Design Alchemy

Image via Design Alchemy

This approach splits the difference, meaning I would only need to sand the top part of the step and then paint over the bottom half. "Only" I say now.

Time to break out the orbital sander.