The Defender Returns

Last month, my dad passed on to me a very special piece of equipment - The Defender. Weighing approximately more than a small child, The Defender was my great grandfather's power drill. 


I did a lot of Googling to see what I could find about the history of this tool, but didn't have much success. As I learned after contacting the folks at Skil Power Tools, The Defender was made in 1943 and as I am told, this was before the Internet was invented.

I asked Skil Power Tools if they had any information about The Defender and they were nice enough to get back to me. While they said that they don't have much information left on their tools from the 40s and 50s, they were able to share the parts list for the model:

The equipment list is from 1943, which means that The Defender just celebrated its  72nd birthday.

I'm still not sure that I'm feeling brave enough to plug this guy in - the power cord has been replaced and is being held together by electrical tape.

Thanks to Skil Power Tools for sharing this information with me! From what I understand, their equipment weighs much less these days.