Day 15 of no boozing over here and wow, could I use some wine. I've taken to heavy Pinterest-ing and fallen into some deep internet black holes this week, but it was well worth it because now I have so many things to share with you.

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I hope you're watching Transparent Season 2 (and Season 1 if you haven't yet!) because it's surely the best show on earth. I laugh, I cry, and I thank god that I am not a Pfefferman.

Speaking of Transparent, my book club is considering take a stab at Carrie Brownstein's Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl next month. Thoughts?

I've been scanning all of my household and beauty products with the ThinkDirty (R) app this week. The app has a rating system that tells you how toxic your products are. Be prepared to be surprised and horrified. Did you know that personal care products are not regulated like those in the food and drug industries? Do your homework, consumers!

Speaking of which, Glossier finally launched their Milk Jelly Cleanser this week. They used a lot of consumer input and very few harmful ingredients to create this product. Most of their products rank very low (low = good) on the ThinkDirty scale. Click here to get 20% off of your first Glossier order. Full disclosure: I get a $10 kickback if you make a purchase.

These containers have made my meal prep dreams a reality.

These boots from Target are sold out AF, but for $35, I am determined to make them mine. I'm a size 8. If you see something, say something.

Otherwise, have a great weekend, gang. Let's grab a drink in February.