TGIF, my friends. We made it through another one. Honestly, house projects are not on the horizon for this weekend. Instead, Dan and I are spending the first weekend we've had together in a long while and also hoping to catch a glimpse of my sister, who is visiting from Boston.

In honor of Friday and of fun and other things, here are some things that may or may not be related to a house:

Steel City Renaissance

Photo Credit:  Bon Appétit

Photo Credit: Bon Appétit

Steel City Renaissance: Where to Eat and Drink in Pittsburgh: Bon Appétit nails it with one of the best "best ofs" lists I've seen in a long time. So many of the places we love on this list. I know I'll be hitting up a few of them when the clock hits 5.

You Feel Like Shit

Image Credit:  Giphy

Image Credit: Giphy

Take some weight off. You Feel Like Shit is an interactive flow chart is check in for when you're struggling a bit with self care. It's designed to be easy - give it a go if you're having a rough day.

A few More Things

My favorite podcast right now. Lolz for dayz.

Do you like feminism, style, health, politics, friendship and everything else from Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner? Get them in your inbox on the regs.

I loved this book and I'm going to read this one next.

It's almost time for dry skin season, which means everyone needs to stock up on Josie Maran Argan Oil.

Do yourself a favor and get a pair of these pants. They are like leggings that you can wear to work! They come in a short size, which I recommend if you don't have super lanky legs.

Cheers, gang. May your weekend be swell as heck.