Tear Down This Wall

This is one of those projects that didn't seem so bad at the start, but then sent us on a dozen unplanned Home Depot runs for better tools and sturdier drop cloths. There were moments when we didn't think we'd make it to the end, but we swung our hammers on into the evening to get the job done in this lifetime.

When we bought the house, we knew we wanted to expose the brick on the left wall of the first floor, but it was a complete gamble knowing what would be under the plaster - probably brick, but in what condition? After doing a test patch, the brick looked to be in very good shape, so we went for the whole thing. It began here:

End of Day 1:

End of Day 2:

Dan played this video in the background for inspiration:

The next step is to clean the brick with wire brushes and get it in shape for a good old muriatic acid rinse. Hoping to get this job done before 2015 hits! Or at least before Ronald Reagan gets on our case.