Taking Stock

With our Ikea kitchen flat packed and hanging out in the living room and the contractors not quite ready to get started on their end of things, we're in a kitchen limbo. I'm using it as an opportunity to inventory and cleanse, following the KonMari method as much as my impatient heart will allow.

Kitchen drawers are a real wasteland for unused/unnecessary gadgets. If you have a cast iron skillet, a good chef's knife, and some solid mixing bowls, your kitchen is complete. The rest is gravy and that gravy needs a home. 


This is a picture of only 1/3 of our kitchen cabinet space emptied. Getting it all out so I can only put the good stuff back in (re: KonMari).

The dining room is about to become the kitchen for a few weeks while we tear some things apart and build something new. The less we have to deal with inventory-wise, the better life will be when we come out of this (hopefully) alive. I posted a few things I'm getting rid of over on Instagram if you're interested.

I know it to be true that prep work pays off, but I also know it to be true that I forget to finish my prep work 9/10.