Open Shelf Options

The kitchen is just about complete and I want to show it to you, but I also want it to be a little more breathtaking than it is at the moment. One thing that needs to happen: open shelves to fill the bare blank white wall. I am so glad we decided not to install wall cabinets. We didn't need the space and they definitely would have cluttered the room.

Right now, the color palette is monochrome. Gray floors, white fronts, dark gray counters, white walls. We need to get some stuff on those white walls - colorful stuff - to bring it to life. Here's where the open shelving comes into play. The internet never fails to overwhelm me in decision-making processes, so I'm halting my search and presenting these as recommendations to myself:

I quite like how the back splash runs up to a very thin line of a shelf in the top left photo. The mounting of that piece would require some investigation, which is why something with brackets (top right) could be more feasible.

Image via  The Design Chaser
Image via Nicole Franzen

Image via Nicole Franzen

These two are quite clean. The black shelves, which I believe are from Ikea, would be placed next to each other if space allowed. And while the wood look of the bottom right photo is charming, I'm really looking for something that requires minimal assembly and time.

Let' s mull these over together and come back with a decision. Meeting adjourned.