Guest Room Progress

My body aches all over, but not for nothing. We spent the entire weekend painting every inch of the guest room - floors, ceilings, walls, and trim. It's amazing what paint can do.

I was a little nervous about covering up the hardwood floors with paint, but couldn't be happier with the result. After sanding, I primed the floors with primer (I use Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3) using a roller brush. After that dried, I applied two coats of Benjamin Moore Floor and Patio Low Sheen paint in Soot using a paint brush. It could probably use a third coat, but I'm going to lay out the area rug first and touch up the edges as needed.

You'll also notice that the fireplace has gone on to a better place. As lovely as this rustic fixture was, it was in the way and it was dirty and it drove me nuts.

I'm a little sad to cover the crisp black floor up with an area rug, but it will bring in some much needed color to the room, plus it will buffer the noise and keep the room warmer in the winter.

I'm also looking into some colorful light fixtures and cords. The heavy lifting on this room is almost over - stay tuned for the fun parts ahead.