Grey vs. Gray

First of all, is there a correct way to spell it? Grey. Gray. And more importantly, is there a Fifty Shades of Grey joke opportunity in here?

I ventured to the paint store this past weekend with high hopes of coming out with a living room paint color that was the perfect shade of grey (gray?). My Paint Crew accompanied me, but even with Chipotle in our bellies, we were doomed from the start.

My inspiration, for paint and for decor (that couch!) is this:

Identifying the perfect shade of grey without professional help was not a success. Instead, I came home with a shade of grey that was only slightly darker than the already white walls. When the test spot dried, it looked like a shadow and not a color.

Frustrated, but not defeated, I ventured to Ace Paints & Unfinished Furniture in Dormont, where the gentleman working there knew right away the type of grey I needed. He pointed out a few popular tones, some more brown, some more black, but we settled on a color that had some blues in it. Just to be safe, I brought home two samples - one light and one dark - in case the lighter one turned out to be too light again. The results: 

These are the two colors shown above:

We settled on the Cement Gray (notice the spelling) and hope to get started this weekend.

A pretty bold color is slated for the dining room, so stay tuned for the SHOCKING DETAILS next time on