Chairs 2.0

A few years ago, we inherited an awesome dining room table and 6 high top chairs from our neighbors. The beige upholstered chairs have been put through the ringer over the past 2 years and needed a little love.

I've been dabbling in sewing a bit and recently made the discovery of Nate Berkus prints at Joann Fabrics.  I purchased this pattern a while back without a plan for how to use it:

I'm no reupholstery expert, but a project like this is pretty straightforward and I think with the right amount of confidence and red wine, you could do it, too.

First, I removed the seats from the chairs, which were held in place by 6 screws. 

Then, I removed the original fabric covering by pulling out the staples attaching it with a pair of pliers. This took forever and gave me blisters.


Once the fabric was removed, I used the old piece to measure the new one before I cut it.

From there, it's as simple as using a handy dandy staple gun to attach the new fabric. Before you do this, you could add new cushioning if needed, but mine was in good condition, so I left it as is. The seats were easily screwed back in and voila - brand new chairs!

One chair down and five to go. I look forward to sharing with you a finished product not surrounded by clutter. The hardwood floors are being done as we speak, so a functional dining room is in sight!