Finding a Calendar in the Post-Borders Era

Growing up, I always hit Borders the day after Christmas to purchase a new calendar with any gift cards I had received. I didn’t have a whole lot to add to my agenda at the time - mostly birthdays and holidays - but I really loved filling the clear pages with fresh ink.

These days, I’m mostly digital when it comes to scheduling. It’s easier to shift things around and cancel cleanly. I guess you could do that on a paper calendar if you used a pencil, but I can’t imagine writing with a pencil.

Despite my digital ways and the closing of Borders, I’m still drawn to calendars. I even purchased the Stendig (shown the left below) this year, although I’m struggling to find a wall in my house big and clear enough to house it.

I like the cleanness of the Stendig, but I think we can agree that calendars with numbers only are more decorative than practical.

These two calendars are long-term - one showing a full year and one showing a full decade. A decade!

Tracksmith, a running apparel company very popular with some members of my household, makes these really great No Days Off poster calendars with the idea being you cross off each day you go for a run. I’m not a big fan of running, but I am a big fan of these posters. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the posters directly, but they do come free with a purchase from Tracksmith.

Image via Tracksmith

Image via Tracksmith

Image via

Image via

Paper calendars really make my heart sing, but there are some hardware-heavy ones out there, too. Also, how am I just now noticing that the Apple Watch face is just a mini Karlsson Big Flip Clock?

Happy new year and happy new calendar, everyone.

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