Entertainment, Motivation, and Inspiration

Manual labor is hard on the brain. Especially the tedious stuff like chiseling for days on end. Painting is up next, but I'm prepared now with a toolkit to ward off boredom and despondence.

These things have kept us from calling it quits and helping long days lead into nights. If I'm on point at all, they will save you, too.

Entertaiment: By The Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin

It is so hard to pick a favorite episode of this podcast. Larry David, Lena Dunham, and Bob Odenkirk are among the best guests Jeff Garlin hosts on his podcast By the Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin. The show is filmed in front of a live audience, but there's not much of a script or format. Jeff has conversations with his guests, who are all pretty amazing people. He was roommates with Conan O'Brien in Chicago if that gives you any sense of his circle of friends.

Ok I've decided. Bob Odenkirk talking about Vegas is my official favorite episode. And Larry David comes in second for talking about how he's never taken a photograph before. And Lena Dunham because, duh. And Amy Poehler. Now I'm just name dropping. Go listen!

Other favorite podcasts include Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, Uhh Yeah Dude, and Radiolab.

Motivation: The Best Songs of My Twenty Fourteen

My pal Clif, who is also the creator of the hilarious Honest Slogans, creates a playlist at the end of every year. The playlist isn't necessarily a listing of songs that were released this year, but rather songs that meant something to Clif this year.

Among other things, Clif has excellent taste in music, so subscribe to his playlist Twenty Fourteen on Spotify for tunes to get you through whatever project is destroying your soul.

I also recommend throwing on a Bruce Springsteen album when you are feeling especially blue collar.

Inspiration: Words

Not to get too sappy on you, but sound advice can really help you re-frame your mindset when things aren't looking great. I keep a Pinterest board of quotes that I can turn to when I need a reminder to settle down and regroup.

This quote from Arthur Ashe has helped me through a great many panic sessions:

This one is equally important:

Whatever you are working on or through, best of luck!