UAH Loves: HAY Kaleido Trays

We were in Boston last week for the Boston Marathon, which Dan ran in, making us all very proud. In between running and spectating, we bopped around Boston and its surrounding areas, stumbling across Loyal Supply Co. in Sommerville, which had fun, colorful and bright house ware items and stationary. A real haven for someone like me.

The HAY Kaleido trays collection caught my eye right away. I snapped a few pictures of the collection, which includes large trays that could be used for serving or decor, as well as a mid-size tray that acted nicely as a planter saucer.

I took home a smaller tray to use on my dresser for those odds and ends that wind up in our lives, like earrings and pill boxes and bobby pins - the stuff of Marie Kondo's nightmares. In addition to function, these little platters add a great burst of color to my monochrome life. 

The packaging is on point, as well.