Hanging the Ribba

Everyone loves the cost of the RIBBA and the look of the RIBBA; no one likes the RIBBA’s design flaw.

Ikea’s simple and affordable frame almost gets the job done. The awkward bracket on the back of frame that is meant to rest on nail in the wall doesn’t really work. And the frame is too narrow to accommodate Command Strips, so it leaves people in quite a bind.

Here is Ikea's comically unclear manual on how to hang the RIBBA:

The are about a million blog posts written about RIBBA hacks, which include installing picture frame wire, purchasing and applying a new bracket, and few things in between. These are all excellent workarounds, but leave us with the same issue we face when hanging any photo at home, which is dealing with the brick walls hiding behind our plaster. Only if a frame is very heavy and I am very certain of its placement do I drill a hole into the brick.

I love the RIBBA, but man, the RIBBA leaves me in a pickle.

While scouring the Home Depot Photo Hanging aisle for a miracle solution, I found these Command Wire Hooks:

Great news: they work like magic. The hook rests perfectly in the bracket already installed on the RIBBA and they are, like all Command Strips, easy to hang and non-damaging to the walls. One more pro tip while we are here: using paint tape to create a horizontal line for marking and spacing a photo grid is extremely helpful!

Important Note: These hooks only hold 2 lbs. and as such, only work on the smaller RIBBA frames. I haven’t tried, but don’t believe these would hold frames much bigger than the ones pictured here.

Happy hanging, friends.