Guest Room Plans

Why wait until a single project is wrapped up before starting a new one? I know I never have and let me tell you that you can't run from unfinished business that stares you in the face every day. This is probably why people buy houses with more than two bedrooms - they can just close the door on mess and go hang out in a room that isn't in a constant state of chaos.

The dining room is looking pretty sharp and while browsing the interwebs for inspiration for one project, I came across lots of inspiration for other projects, particularly in terms of paint. These photos of soft pinkish/peachish walls led me on all sorts of Google searches for a name of the color I'm after.

Photo by David Leong

The peachy-ness of the top right photo made it a winner, so now I'm designing my house, this site, this life, around the color Snow Pa by Valspar. I haven't even bought the paint yet, but I've really hitched my star to this wagon. There's nothing like getting your hopes up when approaching a house renovation project!

Here are the plans:

  1. Girls to the Front! Poster by Steeltown Anthem
  2. Eyeball Sconce in Bronz from Urban Outfitters
  3. Kardemumma Plant Pot from Ikea (not pictured, but similar)
  4. Stockholm Rug from Ikea. We might also get the floors redone in there soon, but who knows. I also need to buy a rug for the dining room still, so we'll see where the rug budget takes us this month.
  5. Another poster! I don't actually own this one, but maybe someday I will!

Right now, I'm only planning on doing one wall in the pink and freshening up the rest with a coat of clean white.

I'm very excited to have this room transform from a catch-all pile room to a comfortable, light, user-friendly room. Come stay with us - it's gonna be great!